The Great Sidewalk of China

Some, while on top of it, cannot see that it is a wall.

Great Wall of China midst high trees that make it appear to be a sidewalk surrounded by vegetation

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They say that Al Capone thought that it was that he was misunderstood, not that what he was doing was bad.

When a self-preserving behavior is the norm accepted by all of your colleagues, perspective has little chance. Walls appear to be sidewalks.

Have you ever read the prison correspondence of John Gotti?

Something I hear repeatedly from people in medicine is that the rest of the world could not "understand" the tough calls, the gray areas, the complexity of medical knowledge. As though a patient would need a medical degree to know if she were being raped. And would be incapable of recognizing when no one would report it.

They construct a wall and then walk on it. And on her. And believe her perspective has no merit.

If you think I'm being harsh speak to some patients who have been intentionally injured.