Patient Safety Template

If it is difficult for you to do, let me know and I'll make it for you.

This page provides the artwork and instructions for making templates to use with stick chalk.

To put the patient safety symbol on a sidewalk, print out the template below, cut it out and then buy blue sidewalk chalk from a school supply. (Available online for a dollar from

The instructions for this template make a chalk outline two feet tall. That's about the smallest image that it is practical to draw on a sidewalk. Smaller and it becomes difficult to discern what it is.

Print out the templates below in landscape orientation on legal sheets (8.5 x 14 inches). Your browser might not give you the option to do that. Your browser might resize the images to fit on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. You might need to download these templates into a graphics program like PhotoShop in order to print them out the correct size.

Tape the three of them together and cut it out. A good option is to cover the black lines with 2" wide box tape to stiffen the working edge of the template. That makes it easier to use as well as more durable. Taping it first and then cutting through the tape is a good way to do that. That also can be done with opaque tape by putting the tape on the back of the template.

In the photo at left, you can see a sheen resulting from the clear box tape that is the real substance of this template. I put additional tape surrounding it to make it more durable. This one was folded in an envelope. When removed it unfolded well enough to serve its purpose.

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No one in medicine talks about how to reduce the rates of assault and rape and murder in medicine. They talk about how to protect themselves from the ensuing liabilities. Put this symbol on a sidewalk to remember their victims.

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Please don't use spray paint or anything permanent on a sidewalk or other public place. If it is permanent, it is graffiti and is more likely to alienate than to persuade (and might be illegal). Christo left his mammoth exhibit of 7,500 Gates in Central Park in Manhattan for less than three weeks because it is special and poignant if it is rare and of short duration. Chalk outlines still on the ground after 3 months may work against us. It is important not to be obnoxious to our own constituency.