The National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder says that there is a bias in our culture against viewing the sexual assault of boys and men as prevalent and abusive. Because of this bias, there is a belief that boys and men do not experience abuse and do not suffer from the same negative impact that girls and women do. However, research shows that at least 10% of boys and men are sexually assaulted and that boys and men can suffer profoundly from the experience. Because so few people have information about male sexual assault it can be more difficult for men to seek help.

4.1% ot sentinel events in medicine are
assault, rape and homicide

Unfortunately, an abused male is treated as though he were a prostitute claiming to have been raped, as though that were impossible. That is compounded in healthcare by the rosy esteem with which medicine is regarded. There is little awareness of doctors and nurses as human beings with lusts and jealousies like all other people. The people least aware of this may be health care professionals themselves. We cannot find a single instance in which a complaint of sexual abuse¬†made to the Ohio State Medical Board has resulted in discipline. They don’t believe their colleagues do these things. For instance, see Dr. Kashyap.