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Below is a copy of the Miller's website. Until 2006 it was located at a link that now is dead. It is reprinted here as a record for what might be learned from seeing the efforts made by previous patients who discovered that there are problems in medicine, established a website, petitioned the government, talked to the press, marched on Washington and tried to get laws passed and regulations enacted.

Patients In ARMS
(Advocates Reforming Medical Standards)

7480 Gravois Road
Dittmer, Missouri 63023
(636) 274-ARMS

We are a nonprofit organization founded in 1995. We work to eradicate medical crime and patient abuse. For several years we've been networking with medical malpractice victims, professionals, and other patients' rights organizations around the country. Like other human rights activists, we did not search for our cause. Our cause found us when our family was struck by tragic, devastating medical malpractice in 1981.

We have learned a great deal in these past 17 years about the patterns of medical crime. Patient injury and death usually begin and end with deceit. Too many doctors withhold information from their patients. We look to them for educated, honest medical opinion and trust them with our lives and our children's lives. They make decisions they have no right to make about surgical procedures and other forms of treatment that generate money for themselves, other medical people, and hospitals but that patients and patients' guardians would never choose or consent to if their doctors told them everything they should know and would want to know.

If you don't have the information that would cause you to refuse to consent, the "consent" you give is not informed. If consent is not informed, it's not legal.

After the damage is done, time is on the the side of physicians. The doctor who injured his patient and the doctors the injured patient turns to in desperation for help give the patient an endless run-around. They and the assistants who witness their medical crimes falsify and destroy medical records. They alter medical charts. They create ficticious medical histories. They drive injured, damaged, often pain-wracked and demoralized patients deeper into iatrogenic nightmares -- nightmares trivialized as "malpractice" but that are really human rights abuses that amount to torture.

The principle here is: Malum in se (the act is wrong in itself; it is inherently wrong and evil).

The physician's code of silence is dangerous and hazardous to the public's health and well-being. The purpose of state medical boards is "to protect the citizens of the state." But the only people medical boards protect are doctors. No one is protecting the public from doctors.

No one is protecting us from our "protectors."

WE THE PEOPLE must come together and force these dinosaur state medical boards into extinction.

We have gathered evidence documenting that the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts has deliberately sabotaged the rights of Missouri residents to the fair and equitable hearings named in the Missouri Healing Arts Practice Act. Eight of the Board's nine members are doctors -- an obvious conflict of interest. (The ninth is an attorney.) The Board obstructs justice. It ignores patients' complaints. It fails to take and refuses to take action even when the complainant shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that medical crimes have been and are being committed. Instead of disciplining bad doctors, it allows them to "expire" their medical licenses, which means these bad doctors are free to move to another state and continue abusing, raping, maiming, and killing innocent, unsuspecting patients -- you and your loved ones.

All our efforts to expose these crimes in Missouri have only met with railroading and stonewalling.

We are taking the evidence we've collected to Washington, D.C. We plan to arrive Monday, November 30, 1999 and stay about a week. We will appeal to our leaders: President Clinton, Janet Reno, and the U.S. Supreme Court. We will ask them to do whatever is necessary to help stop the torture, maiming and other human rights abuses in medicine. We'll appeal for honest medical treatment for patients who are injured by their doctors, then refused care. We'll keep going back until something is done.

We need your voice in Washington supporting our efforts. To start, we can help protect patients from future harm by demanding that Congress pass a Patients' Rights Bill that would protect everyone from medical predators. Tell your legislators you want truth in medicine. We urge you to sign the petition to our legislators to introduce and pass the Draft of Proposed Legislation Concerning Informed Consent and Provider Accountability.

If your representives ignore your pleas for common-sense legislation to protect patients, contact our newly elected representative, Harold R. Selby, who said he will be our voice in Washington for patients' rights. Talk to him and he will speak for you.

The highest court in the land is the court of public opinion. The People have the right to petition their government to redress their grievances. We have the right to ask our government to fix things, even when it's our government that needs fixing.

Keep telling your medical horror stories until our government listens.

We hope you will join us on November 30 in Washington, D.C.

Thank you for your support.

In unity, with respect and dignity for all,

Jerry and Carla Miller, Founders
Patients In ARMS


We try to answer every letter we receive. Email is much easier for us to respond to and is more likely to get a prompt response.

We plan to add a great deal more information here, including a section devoted to Medical Outcasts, patients who have been injured so severely by their doctors that other doctors shun them and refuse to treat them, leaving them nowhere to turn for the help they desperately need. If you have been the victim of this especially damaging type of malpractice, we invite you to share your story here (anonymously if you prefer), even if you've felt it was too horrible to tell or that no one would want to hear it.

We've been there too. We care. We'll listen. We'll help any way we can.

At this point they listed a number of links, many now out of date, that can be seen at this link.


Often advocates imagine that the government could figure out how to fix medicine. So much faith. So little knowledge. Someone should make their cause the making of a copy of the main pages of every such site that gets made so that new advocates can see the uniformity of the beliefs and expectations and efforts that go nowhere.

The above is but one of many similar efforts that have come and gone. Below are links to another one, a press release issued by the Clarke's who made similar efforts and had similar beliefs, and to an account of the demonstration they organized in front of a hospital:
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