Definitions of Codes in the Disciplinary Action Charts of the Ohio State Medical Board

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ABA – Abandonment
CLD – Child Endangerment
CME – Incomplete CME – continuing medical education compliance issue
CONAGMNT – consent agreement
CRI – Criminal Actions
CRV – Criminal Conviction (Felony)
CSS – Child Support Suspension
DOD – Department of Defense action (usually related to action against clinical privileges at a military healthcare facility)
FRL – Fraud in Obtaining Licensure
FRO – Fraud
HHS – sanction or other action by federal Health & Human Services Department (Medicare/Medicaid provider sanction, usually)
ILP – Illegal Practice
IMP – Impairment
IPR – prescribing issue
LIM – Violation of Licensure Limitation
MIN – Minimal Standards of Care
MIS – Misdemeanor
OST – Out of State Action
PRE – Inappropriate Prescribing
REN – license renewal issue
REV – Previously Revoked
RES stands for “restoration”–of a license that has been inactive for more than two years, that is
SEX – Sexual Improprieties
THT – Theft
TRF – Trafficking/Illegal Processing
UNL – unlicensed practice
UPC – Unprofessional Conduct
VOLAGMNT – voluntary surrender or voluntary retirement of license

FOJE stands for “Findings, Order and Journal Entry.” A FOJE is entered as the final resolution of a case (comparable to a Board Order) when someone has been notified of allegations against them but does not request a hearing within the 30 days alloted by statute. After that 30 day period has passed, the Board is permitted to treat the uncontested allegations as though they have been proven, and may impose an action based on those “findings of fact.”