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Thomas Jefferson said that given the choice between government without newspapers and newspapers without government, he would choose to have newspapers.

In medicine we have government without newspapers. Patients cannot find out what they need to know to make informed choices. No one in medicine records or reports the information patients need to know the most. So patients will have to.


Rough Draft / Under Construction

He was weak. He was tired. He was beat up. He was discouraged. Various muscles ached. He got sore easily and when he did he never recovered. And a gutter was falling down. It needed to be fixed now. He didn't know who to call. It was a simple job. Anyone should be able to do it.

While Karen was at work he drove to a building supply store and bought gutter nails. He hooked a hammer through his belt, set a ladder against the side of the house and climbed to the roof.

Lifted gutter into position

With the weakness in his hand, when he swung the hammer and it hit a gutter nail, it wobbled. He wished he had one like the one he had made for the five-year-old.

The wind blew down the ladder, etc.

That evening telling the story to Karen she asked why he didn't make himself a hammer he would like, just to take a break from the miserable drudgery occupying his days. He shrugged.

A couple of months later in the newspaper she saw a notice of a request for submissions of proposals for the design of a trophy that would be reproduced and awarded to building contractors all over the country at various times. He said, "No." But the next morning woke up thinking about it and called Ted and asked if Ted still had those sketches of the tools they had made for the five-year-old. Ted sent him the sketch of the hammer. Aaron submitted it telling the contest officials that instead of a trophy that stood untouched on a shelf, they should let him make the best hammer that ever has been created and award that. They didn't accept his proposal, but afterwards one of the people on the selection committee called and asked what it would cost to make one for him. Aaron said it would take him some time to figure that out and began researching steel.

What would be the best steel for the best tool ever built.


Paying the police a premium for guns taken off the street and making them into hammers.


He assumed that someday someone would steal his idea and mass produce it if he didn't patent it and he turned his attention to trying to do that again. He now hated calling lawyers. He hated having to rely on them for anything. He didn't believe them or trust them.


. He thought that the first thing they would do is make it lighter weight with a fiberglass handle.


Places, events, and situations in this story are purely fictional.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


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