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Thomas Jefferson said that given the choice between government without newspapers and newspapers without government, he would choose to have newspapers.

In medicine we have government without newspapers. Patients cannot find out what they need to know to make informed choices. No one in medicine records or reports the information patients need to know the most. So patients will have to.

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Sexy labor room nurse
This story is related in the book "I'll never have sex with you again!: Tales from the Delivery Room" by Irene Zutell and Larry Bleidner. It's not fiction.

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A. Shout for help
WRONG: In such a situation, calling for help could end your career. You might never work in your field again.

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B. Try to protect the patient
WRONG: Hospital personnel are prohibited from interfering with anything that a surgeon might do, even if the surgeon is drunk or violent.

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C. Say or do nothing
CORRECT: This is what risk management departments train medical personnel to do. For an explanation, click here.

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Mission Statement of the Ohio State Medical Board:
To protect and enhance the health and safety of the public through effective medical regulation

One of their published goals is:
Prohibit persons from practicing medicine whose violations are so egregious as to forfeit the privilege

They routinely dismiss cases on the basis of insufficient evidence (and what kind of evidence do they expect to find when operating the way they operate). In an instance we followed, they were given unmistakable evidence of unfriendly practices. It took them two years to decide that they are not charged with enforcing the applicable laws. Perhaps their published goal should say "violations so egregious, unless they are really, really egregious." They decided it wasn't their job. We cannot find instances in which they have disciplined doctors on the basis of complaints from patients about anything.

They license medical doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, doctors of podiatric medicine, physician assistants, anesthesiologist assistants, massage therapists, cosmetic therapists, acupuncturists, mechanotherapists, and naprapaths.

You would expect that, with 22 investigators, they would help some patients who report rape or assault or such like. Normally they dismiss such cases for lack of evidence. When they cannot do that, they find that they are not charged with enforcing the applicable laws.

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Creating a record
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