In November of 2006 two 23-year olds did a favor for a stranger. In return he pulled a gun on them and robbed them. After the robber sped away the two chased him in their truck. They said, “It’s not so much that he stole our money, but it’s that the drew a gun on us and we were afraid that if we let him go, he was gonna do that to someone else.” The police said that there still are some good souls out there willing to risk their lives for other people.

That is the position in which victims of abuse in medicine find themselves. The most likely person to commit a crime is someone who already has committed a crime. The miscreants who victimized a patient in a hospital are just such people and they still have unfettered access to other unsuspecting, helpless patients.

Beyond That

It’s simply a duty. When you know there are snakes in the grass, you have a duty to try to protect the other people coming through the grass.