Patients are not the only ones the government represents. Our government also represents physicians. That is why it is illegal for anyone to tell patients who the most dangerous doctors in the country are (see 5%).

For an example of what happens when the government sees a specific problem and tries to fix it, see mammography.

For an example of what it is like to be a doctor living with all of the governments attempts to fix medicine, see this link on another site written by a doctor and see Micromanage on this site.

That piece written by a doctor is right in saying that “Governments and hospital administrators hold all the power, while doctors—and worse still, patients—hold none.” The worst thing is patients holding none of the power. They never can until they have objective information. Once they do, government can get out of the way (for the most part) and doctors can be free to choose their own way to serve patients, just as other producers serve consumers in other parts of our do with consumers who have the ability to make informed choices. There is no informed choice without objective information. There is no objective information when it is collected only by health care professionals. They are not objective.

Patients need something like a Community Patient Agency to collect such information for them.