To understand a system study examples of how it handles its worst moments. That reveals how it handles all moments that are less than its best.

Dr. Allan Zarkin – Doctors are humans. They do bad things.
Dr. Liana Gedz – A victim testifies before Congress.
Dr. James Burt – The system removes normal inhibitors.
Dr.Arthur Richard Schramm – No one checks even huge red flags.
Dr. Graeme Reeves – Victims stonewalled by health authorities and laughed at by police.
Dr. Vikas Kashyap – Same old, same old.
Dr. Michael Swango – Yes, murderers are protected in medicine.
Donald Harvey – Sometimes they are orderlies or nurses aides.
Kristen Gilbert –  “If my patient dies, can I get off work early?” 350 murders possible. (See book at right.)
Orville Lynn Majors – A lack of moderation can get noticed.
Charles Cullen, RN – They say the system lacks a way to spread the word.
Dr. Gary Malakoff –  Having “MD” after your name is a get-out-off-jail-free card.
Dr. John Story – Raped and molested patients for 25 years.
Nechemya Weberman – Victims afraid to speak.
Dr. David C Arndt – Surprised anyone would be upset.
Richard W. Gibson – Stealing patient’s identity.
Genene Jones, LVN  – What does a serial killer look like?
Dr. Harold Shipman – What to learn from the world’s most prolific serial killer.
Catherine Wood and Gwen Graham – Nurses who played a “Murder Game.”
Dr. Michael E. Sachs – An example of how helpless patients are to find out about their healthcare.
Dr. Federico Castro-Moure – Another glimmer of how much power and protection doctors are used to.
Dr. Shafik Ahmad – 13 complaints with no medical board response until after police arrest.
Richard Neale – 28 year trail of misery.
…. Dr. Errol Wai-Ping – Even when it only is incompetence it takes a group to get anyone to pay attention.
Kimberly Clark Saenz – Nurse who put bleach in syringes.
Dr. Spyro Panos – Unfriendly practices with cooperation.
Dr. Antiq Durrani – Medicine protects problem operators.
Christopher Duntsch – privately said he was a stone cold killer.

Other examples on which you could search:

Beverley Allitt – Britain. At least 4 murders.
Richard Angelo – Long Island, New York, at least 10 murders
Robert Diaz – Riverside, California, 12 murders
Terri Rachals – Albany, Georgia. 23-year old intensive care nurse. 6 counts of murder.
Brian Rosenfeld – Florida, 23 possible murders
Jane Toppan – Massachusetts, at least 31 murders
Efren Saldivar – California, at least 6 murders
Dr. Jayant Patel – The Butcher from Bundaberg
Sigmund Freud – Recent research shows he put personal interest in front of the well being of patients.
Lucian Leape – He authored the original IOM study that finally forced the medical community to admit it kills a lot of patients unnecessarily, but he still is a physician and still drinks their snake oil.
Bryan Sexton – The world’s leading expert on patient safety culture and therefore an example of the problem.

“Medicine hates its victims.”
If that doesn’t ring true in the center of your heart your knowledge of patient safety is only theoretical. If you flat out don’t believe it, you probably work in medicine.

Injured patients have written to my applauding my saying that.