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This is an account of the Clarke's demonstration in 2006 as witnessed by someone who attended it

From Bill
Dear Friends. I was able to attend the press conference and demonstration by 15 persons and the Clarkes. Johns Hopkins knew we were there. There was security everywhere.

Joan addressed a small crowd on public property in front of Johns Hopkins Hospital entrance on Wolfe Street in Baltimore. Two TV cameras were grinding and a few press photographers were present. Due to the activity on the street, we didn't have much of an opportunity to meet one another. I didn't recognize others in our group except the Clarke's.

About a half a dozen executives, including a Hopkins' VP, watched all our moves. Jim used a megaphone later, but was warned by a Baltimore cop to desist. Jim quit. One VP tried to stop me from going into the parking area in front of the main entrance. He told me it was private property. I told him I was going to the restroom in the main building. He said I was denied entry. I said, sorry I am going anywhere that I liked on Hopkins' property, because I was a Johns Hopkins' patient and I showed him my JHH ID "orange card". He bade my pardon and I went on.

When I spotted these guys, I took five or six photographs of them standing around, just to tick them off.

The lunch traffic at the entrance to the hospital slackened by 1:30. I left shortly thereafter. Others, including the Clarke's, remained. Jim and Joan were most kind and considerate to all of us. Joan said she and Jim were going to do it again.

That's it. No arrests, no scuffles with cops, no broken windows - just alot of not and disruption during a few hours in front of Johns Hopkins. Will Hopkins administrators respond? Probably not, but it won't stop, until they do.

Good job, Joan and Jim. Take care of yourselves. Many others are following what happened today.

Bill Wright, justapatient

September 2006