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Mobbing: Sophisticated Bullying in the Workplace, by Valerie Brown and others.

Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, by Noa Davenport and others.

Additional books are further below. But I haven't investigated them enough yet to write a blurb about them yet.

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Mobbing: Sophisticated Bullying in the Workplace by Valerie Brown, VJ Brown, Valerie J. Atkinson, Valerie Atkinson, Valerie J. Atkinson Brown

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Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian-German ethnologist, first used the word “mobbing” to describe a group of animals attacking a single animal, according to this book.

Mobbing is distinguished from other workplace abuse in this book partly by discussing other workplace abuse categories such as bullying, harassment, occupational hazing and scapegoating.

It says that mobbing is a system that supports abuse and leaves no individual to blame, that it is aggressive behavior aimed at expelling an intruder from the territory.

It also covers the history of American employment law and compares it to European and Scandinavian law. It says that Europe and Scandinavia have a finally tuned definition of the problem while, in the USA, mobbing is semi-sanctioned.

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Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, by Noa Davenport, Ruth D. Schwartz and Gail Pursell Elliott (Jul 1999)
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One reader wrote on Amazon, "This is a fantastic book. If you're being mobbed now, it will help you cope. If you have been mobbed, it will help you recover."

It has interviews with victims that shed light on the problem. It also has an overview of the literature and research about it and suggests strategies for dealing with it.







The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success
by Kevin Dutton (Author)

He puts Surgeons at #5 on the list of the professions with the most psychopaths.

When You Work for a Bully: Assessing Your Options and Taking Action 
by Susan Futterman (Aug 1, 2004)


The Bully at Work
Gary Namie, Ruth Namie


Bully in Sight
Tim Field


Workplace Bullying
Charlotte Rayner


Paul McCarthy


The psychology of aggression
Arnold H. Buss


Bullying in the Workplace
Richards Helen,


Bullying at Work
Andrea Adams


Abuse in the workplace
Emily S. Bassman


The Harassed Worker
Carroll M. Brodsky


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