July 10, 2002, in Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. David C. Arndt walked out in the middle of an operation and was gone for 35 minutes in order to deposit a check in a bank. Do you know why he got caught? Because there was a paper trail. When people enter and exit operating rooms the time is recorded. If all he’d done is strangle or abuse the patient, nothing would have been written down and he most probably would have gotten away with that. But during this operation he indulged in behavior that routinely is recorded and that leaves a paper trail.

Arndt himself was ”surprised” that the anesthesiologist was upset by his absence. That this would surprise him says a lot about his experience in medicine prior to this.

Do you imagine that these were the first times Zarkin and Arndt indulged in unfriendly behavior toward patients? Do you think other doctors don’t?

He’s a 1992 graduate of Harvard Medical School.