Below are quotes from the emails of this Dallas, Texas neurosurgeon who, at age 44, was sentenced to life in prison for killing or maiming at least 15 patients. In cases like this they usually try the most recent, most open and shut, and most easily tried cases no matter how many injuries and deaths there were. It takes a number of obvious crimes that is much larger than 15 to get anyone in medicine to do anything to protect future patients from more of it. See Orville Lynn Majors on this site.

The quotes below were in a single email to an employee with whom Duntsch had a personal relationship.

“What I am being is what I am, one of kind, a mother f****** stone cold killer that can buy or own or steal or ruin or build whatever he wants.”

“Anyone close to me thinks that I likely am something between god, Einstein and the antichrist. Because how can I do anything I want and cross every discipline boundary like its a playground and never ever lose. But unfortunately, despite the fact I am winning it is not happening fast enough.”

“I really am building an empire, and I am so far outside the box that the earth is small and the sun is bright. … I have three lawsuits. I have 1M in debt, 10M invested, and 22 years of pain in misery already on the table”