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The Fundamental Problem in Medicine.

Can anyone help write the mathematical formula that would describe the fundamental problem in medicine? We need to reduce it to its essential characteristics so that it can be understood more clearly.

The Fundamental Problem is:
"Second parties with vested interests governing first parties who have no ability to determine the odds of success or the price, while third parties decide whether and how much to pay for it."

It might be something like:

2P + VI x 3P + $ / 1P - $ - D = Z


Second Party + Vested Interests X Third Party + Finances / First Party - Finances - Data = Z.

* * *

First Parties are patients doing what they are told without any idea what the odds of success are and usually even without the ability to learn ahead of time how much it is going to cost.

Second parties are doctors or any others dictating what patients should do or have done to them.

Third Parties are insurance and government and anyone else with control over prices.

"Z" stands for Successful Preventions and Cures + Misdiagnoses + Delayed Diagnoses + Unnecessary Injuries and Deaths + Greatest Source of Bankruptcies in Country.

All the components of Z can be characterized with a single letter because Z stands for Zarkin, one of the physicians who made clear just how this equation can play in the minds of Second Parties by carving his initials in the abdomen of his patient after a successful surgery - an act that would not have appeared in the record at all if not for his having signed the deed with his initials, making it impossible to ignore, and even then was recorded only as "grossly inappropriate behavior" by the hospital with no indication as to just what that behavior was. No one in the operating room made a note of it. The hospital wouldn't have either if not eventually forced into it. They usually do not, but the surgeon signed the deed making it difficult to deny - a good picture of why First Parties are MINUS Data.

For more data about that see Medical Reporting. Only 2% of what goes wrong in medicine is accurately reported. Without the other 98% it is not possible for anyone to make informed cost-benefit evaluations, least of all the people who would not even report the negative information in the first place.

The Second Parties are in denial of all of this. It works for them - which is part of the problem.

Someone out there can do a better job than I have of creating the formula. If you want to email your thoughts to me, my email is at the bottom of every page.